You are all common everyday humans, or as common as one can be, in a common everyday college town.  Not much happens and your life is as plain as can be.

But, things are changing.  You have seen on TV that areas with greater population density, all around the world, have been experiencing weird instances of mysterious origins.  Rifts to other dimensions have been opening up and strange and outstanding beings have been emerging from the rifts.

In NYC, a 20ft clown shot up Times Square with a balloon uzi.

In LA, real-life Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny climbed out of the screen at the Chinese Theater.

In Cincinnati, Harambe reappeared in his enclosure alive and it's said that he has psychic powers and caused his handlers to commit suicide.

And in Tibet, a golden monkey has taken to sitting atop a monastery and protecting it from any policing efforts from the Chinese government. 

The President of the United States publicly announced a task force to police the country and protect the American public from the rifts.

This has been going on for the better part of a year.  The rifts keep opening, more and more, areas with greater population density still get more rifts, but it's starting to spread out to the lower populated areas. 

Enter the Dreamscape